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    Red Mountain Energy Partners is a client-focused, technical energy consultancy that provides professional, proven solutions for every stage of energy planning, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

    As an independently-owned organization, we have no affiliation with equipment manufacturers or providers. The services we provide are focused on furthering the goals of our clients without the influence of secondary agendas or conflicting interests.

    We are committed to energy and its role in community economic development, diversification and self-sufficiency. From our office in Santa Fe, NM we provide expert service to clients across the Southwest, Great Plains, Midwest, and California.



    Durango Herald:  Tribes Power Up

    Durango Herald:  Hope for a Bright Future

    DOE Tribal Energy Program Renewable Energy Grants Awarded

    Good news from the DOE Tribal Energy Program, announcing $6.5 million in renewable energy grants – feasibility, development and deployment work.  We are pleased to have developed four of the nineteen awardee grant application packages representing close to $1 million in funding.  Our client Tribes are successfully moving forward to develop renewable energy projects in the Southwest and California and we believe this bodes well for tribal energy projects across the country.


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  • red mountain services

    Power Generation Project Support

    To meet renewable energy and natural gas-fired project feasibility and development service needs, Red Mountain provides a full range of power generation project support services.

    Energy Planning and Management

    Red Mountain provides comprehensive support for development of community energy policies and direction on energy efficiency, weatherization and electric load management strategies.

    Utility Formation and Service Support

    Red Mountain has worked with numerous communities to evaluate utility service provider options, ultimately helping to determine the community’s best alternatives for providing electric and natural gas service.

    State and Federal Funding Coordination

    Red Mountain has an excellent track record in identifying available funding opportunities, preparing applications, successfully accessing and managing grant funding for a variety of energy project planning, project development, and utility coordination and implementation projects.

    Community Education and Outreach

    Red Mountain has knowledge of, and sensitivity to, varying community audiences to help build awareness, knowledge and support for community energy projects, infrastructure and utility-related issues.

    Energy Planning

    Red Mountain helps communities identify their energy choices, analyzes energy strategy options and impacts, and supports project teams as they implement their energy goals and objectives.

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  • Solar Energy Feasibility Study and Development Services

    A New Mexico Pueblo was interested in assessing the feasibility of potential solar generating station projects at multiple sites on the reservation.  Red Mountain assessed proposed site locations, identified …..

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    EECBG Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Plan

    A New Mexico Pueblo had undertaken numerous energy-related studies and analyses over the last 20-year period, but had not combined them into an organized document or well-defined plan …..

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    Strategic Energy Plan and Implementation

    A California Tribe was interested in establishing a Strategic Energy Plan and conducting an Energy Options Analysis to help better prioritize its available energy-related alternatives. The Tribe …..

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    Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies

    Red Mountain has been working with a Tribe on evaluation and initial development of renewable energy projects for several years.  Red Mountain wrote a successful solar feasibility grant application and has led …..

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